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It’s important to have an easy to use email. Why? - some may ask. We answer: make it all easier and faster – then enjoy your free time! The usability of GMX email is what we strive for to fulfill your needs. It’s easy to make email at GMX, and using it is even easier! Join GMX and start to discover the unlimited possibilities you are given…

Discover GMX email!

To make emailing faster, we have developed a drag & drop function. What does this entail? It gets much easier to add attachments or to organize appointments in your online calendar. It’s very easy to use! Email from GMX also offers other great features. Try them! Why not enjoy our unlimited storage? There is place at GMX for all your emails and files. Send and receive emails anywhere you are with mobile service. Keep all your email accounts in one place thanks to Mail Collector… and much more. These are just some examples of GMX’s high email usability. Start using great GMX’s features today. The GMX world will make your life so easy!

Your easy to make email

Email usability is what we have in mind when we offer GMX email accounts. We know how busy your days can be and that every second counts. This easy to use email has been designed taking your precious time into account. We provide email services you can access to wherever you are. Don’t worry about limits - we have put them away for you. We invite you to make email easily with GMX!

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