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Your unlimited mail storage

Imagine how easy it would be to store and access all your emails in one place… it is so simple with GMX! Unlimited mail storage protects your old and new emails from accidental losses. Unlimited email storage is the perfect solution for you. Keep all your emails in one place with GMX mail storage. You are one step away from enjoying the unlimited mailbox storage. Log in and access all your emails anytime you need!

Unlimited storage is all you need

There are so many reasons to use unlimited mail storage! You may think that having so many emails in one place can get really messy, but GMX has implemented a solution for this in advance. You can easily filter emails by date, subject, sender or even content! You will be able to find your emails fast and easily whenever you need them. GMX email storage offers a lot more than this: your emails can be stored forever at GMX, while other providers offer you to save your emails for limited time and with limited mailbox storage. Are you looking for that email that your friend sent you years ago with an awesome cake recipe? GMX has it stored for you!

File management with unlimited mailbox storage

Organize all your files - pictures, documents – you can keep it all within GMX unlimited mail storage. High email security keeps them all safe. Take advantage of unlimited possibilities at GMX!

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