Your secure email

Antivirus protection: say no to malware

The daily usage of the internet is often a must in our lives. Through email we keep contact with friends and family and also do a lot of businesses. As many great possibilities as Internet gives to us, it also hides a lot of malicious viruses, spyware and malware. Being careful when it comes to opening your browser or downloading attachments from your email is, unfortunately, not enough. For this reason, we have created a powerful antivirus tool with high malware protection to secure email and all devices you use.

Your secure email with malware protection

This powerful antivirus scan engine searches your emails and file attachments (and nothing else!) to detect malware and get rid of viruses, spyware and trojans. With such a secure email account, you can work safely and be sure that your data will continue to be exclusively yours. Moreover, it ensures that your computer as well as your smartphone or any other mobile device is safe and free of malware. Stay safe with your GMX!

Antivirus tool to protect your privacy

Out there in the world wide web are millions of different viruses. The task of some of them is to cause devastation in your system and some of them are much more dangerous - they are designed to infiltrate in your system and gain access to all your personal information: your email passwords, information about your bank account, your contact list and other private data you have on your computer or online. For this reason, we made every effort to implement a powerful antivirus tool in your GMX email account – to keep your hardware and software away from any possible malware. You are safe here at GMX.


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