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Mobile Email Client Solution

Mobile Email Client Solution

Full access anytime, anywhere

Break Free from Static Email Clients

Managing emails from multiple accounts can be a headache. Most people rely on an email client to collect and sort their correspondence from work and home. The downside of using email clients, however, is that they require users to install programs onto their PCs. This keeps professionals and private users chained to their desks reading emails when they’d rather be on the move. Now, imagine a free email client that works from anywhere and at any time. Introducing Webmail from GMX – the email solution that makes mobile emailing a reality. Webmail is an intuitive online mail client that can be accessed from any computer, Android, iOS, or any other mobile device, whether you’re on the go or at the office. GMX gives you the freedom to use your email client from anywhere, in addition to offering clever features and tools that can be customized to suit your needs. We think GMX is the best free email client around – sign up today to find out why.

Keep in Touch While on the Move

Webmail from GMX is different from other email clients. With us, you enjoy mobile access to your emails from smartphones and tablets. In fact, all you need to access your emails, calendar, and contacts is an Internet connection. You’ll never have to install additional programs onto your desktop. This is the perfect solution for those who require a comprehensive online email client to run their business from anywhere in the world. Even if you are accustomed to using an email client at the office – likely through a program installed on your desktop computer – you can still benefit from GMX. With us, you can have all your emails collected and delivered to your GMX email account with our Mail Collector feature. That means you only have to sign in once to gain full access to all of your correspondence, no matter what the source. It’s simple to create an email account at GMX and it also only takes a couple of minutes to collect and organize messages from all your other accounts. Simply click on the Mail Collector tab and enter the email address and password for the account you want to sync. Once you’ve done that, you can start customizing your settings to make your email experience as convenient and efficient as possible.

GMX Beats Other Mail Clients – Hands Down

Our online email server solution features up to 65 GB email storage, or half a million emails. For different kinds of files, we offer our Cloud feature with 2GB of space. This is a straightforward way to store and share your files, eliminating the need for you to convert data, or sign up for a separate cloud service. It’s also organized into different folders; such as music, videos, documents, and attachments, so you’ll never struggle to find the things you need. This is just one way GMX goes a step further than the other mail client programs you’re used to. Unlike a typical free email client found at the office, GMX integrates your schedule, emails, and contacts into an all-in-one service that’s accessible from anywhere. The Organizer feature streamlines your calendars across accounts, giving you a transparent overview of all your commitments in one place. That means no more missed appointments or double bookings. What’s more, if you forget your agenda at work, you’ll still have access to your online calendar with Organizer. Finally, thanks to our Mobile Service, you can check your schedule on your commute to and from work on your phone. GMX is your email client solution that works from anywhere!


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