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GMX offers a fast, flexible and secure email service for ultimate privacy online. Learn about how email encoding helps keep your address safe from spammers. GMX brings you secure, spam-free email today!

Why email encoding is beneficial

As one of the most convenient methods of communication, email is a part of our everyday lives—be it for confidential business matters, personal conversations or taking part in online communities. However, whenever you display your email address anywhere on the web, there is a risk that spammers may get hold of it. Whether you publish your email address on your website or use it to join an online forum, there are many different ways that you might unknowingly expose your inbox to spam. Spambots scan these platforms for email addresses, which they then collect and store—resulting in unwanted email from dubious senders. Encoded email makes it much more difficult for robots to read and harvest your email address, meaning you can use it as normal without worrying about spam. Together with GMX’s security features, using an email encoder ensures your email address remains private and your inbox junk-free.

How to encode email

Encoding your email address is extremely straightforward. Email encoding works by using JavaScript to convert your email address into a series of special characters, which spambots are unable to read. Simply enter your email address in its standard format into an email encoder and you will then be provided with the encoded version, which you can copy onto your personal website. Whilst the encoded version is unreadable by spambots, your email address will still appear as normal to legitimate website visitors. By using email encoding you can use and share your email address as normal whilst greatly reducing your exposure to spam.

Enjoy spam-free email with GMX

When creating an email account with GMX, you enjoy all the convenience of email without the hassle of spam. We offer a range of anti-spam and security measures to ensure the utmost privacy and safety online. Your GMX account is protected by:

  • PGP email encryption – for maximum privacy online, our email service employs PGP security to encrypt the contents of your emails, ensuring that only the intended recipients can read them.
  • Spam filter – anti-spam filters direct unwanted or suspicious messages straight to your junk folder, ensuring that only legitimate emails make it to your inbox.
  • Antivirus – as well as keeping your inbox clutter-free, you can also count on our software to scan your email and attachments for dangerous malware or viruses.

With the protection of email encoding alongside our robust security measures, GMX is able to offer one of the safest free email services in the industry. Sign up today and enjoy secure, confidential email exchange with total peace of mind.

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