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Feature-Packed Free Email Program

Introducing Webmail from GMX – the only email program you need to streamline communications and stay ahead of your schedule. Webmail is different from other mail clients because it doesn’t require you to download any software onto your computer. Rather, it’s an entirely online free email program that works triple time as an email, organizer, and file sharing interface. Best of all, you don’t have to log into your work computer or personal PC to benefit from this powerful mail client solution – all you need is an Internet connection.

Sign in to GMX to gain access to messages from all of your email accounts across the web. With Mail Collector, you can read, store, and reply to correspondence from work and beyond using our simple email program. There are tons of great features designed to improve your experience, like clever organization filters, the ability to delete emails from third party servers, and the choice to answer messages using your other email addresses to avoid confusion. You can also create up to 10 unique Alias Addresses when you want to expand into different areas: For example, start your own business, or sell something online without sharing any personal information. GMX is one of the web’s most flexible free email programs that’s optimized for desktop and mobile use. So go ahead and use it anywhere, any time!

Demand More from Your Email Program

Webmail is more than an email program. It’s also a mobile service ready to help you get through your day. Thanks to a wealth of practical tools, this simple interface will make scheduling easier, and your online experience smoother than ever before. Webmail will change the way you look at free email programs.

For busy people using our email program, Organizer is a lifesaver. It syncs with all of your online calendars so that you can have a clear overview of all of your upcoming events and meetings in one location. You can open events from your mailbox directly into your calendar; change your calendar view from day to year or use a helpful timeline format; set reminders via email before your appointments; send yourself a daily appointment overview that you can print out and keep with you, or access at any time on your mobile phone. Navigating your day is hectic enough without having to fumble around with your calendars. Luckily, Organizer is part of your new email program, and it’s completely free to use.

It’s All in the Details

Keep exploring the free email program from GMX – it pays to look around. You’ll even see the difference in the Contacts field. This is a well-organized and intuitive online address book where you can easily import contacts from another service, create new contacts, and organize people into easy-to-manage groups such as family, friends, and colleagues. You won’t lose track of friends or coworkers ever again. In fact, you’ll look forward to receiving and responding to emails like never before.

Our free email program makes it easy for you to keep your correspondence dynamic with the Cloud. GMX Cloud gives you 2 GB of storage space for files of all kinds; from video, picture, to presentation. From here, it’s easy to share files with your contacts. Simply select the contact and the file you want them to receive, then protect it with a password that ensures your file stays in the family. GMX Cloud eliminates the need for you to sign up for a separate cloud storage account. You have everything you need already built-in to our email program. This is a great resource to have when the huge 50 MB attachment allowance from GMX isn’t enough. Sign up to our free email program today!

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