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Jurgen Klopp; Liverpool ready for new challenges

Jurgen Klopp has warned Liverpool's rivals that they are ready to face new challenges this season.

The Reds won their first league title for 30 years last season and their manager has suggested that they are prepared for teams wanting to snatch the trophy from their grasp.

He told Sky Sports News ahead of Liverpool's game against Chelsea on Sunday (20.09.20): "It's completely normal that we have to make another step because other teams will make other steps as well.

"It has nothing to do with being champions, we constantly try not to develop but to find solutions to the new challenges before we have the problems with them. That's how football works.

"But a lot of the good things we did, first and foremost we have to show again so it's not only about changing things it's about finding the right approach and plan again for this season."

Klopp also played down suggestions of a rivalry between him and Chelsea boss Frank Lampard, after the pair exchanged jibes over transfer spending recently.

The German coach said: "Between Frank and me there is absolutely nothing - I admired him and loved him as a player and now he is doing a really good job as a coach.

"So I can't help you with some 'rivalry' between us, we will obviously be rivals on Sunday but apart from that it's all good.

"We are different clubs, leading in a different way, that's how it is - we invest what we earn and sometimes we invest before we earn but it's still based on these kind of things and it's not like this for other clubs.

"Whatever they do though I am completely fine with that - they can all do what they want and it's a free world. We have our way of dealing with the club."

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