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Nuno Espirito Santo fears for Premier League if football shuts down again

Nuno Espirito Santo fears for the future of the Premier League if football is suspended once again.

The rise of coronavirus cases in the UK has led to calls for another shutdown of elite football but Nuno believes that pausing the season would be damaging for the top-flight and only increase the chances of a European Super League being formed.

He warned: "If we stop everything will change. A new football will come, probably with a Super League, probably with other competitions. It’ll be a matter of which clubs will survive. It’s a tough decision to make. I don’t know what is better. What I’m afraid of is, if the decision is to stop, football we know now will not be the same. This is my biggest fear. The schedule will go crazy and it’ll be impossible to finish the league and think about the Euros."

Nuno admits that he fears that only the bigger clubs will be able cope with the upheaval caused by the global health crisis.

The Wolves boss said: "We cannot move forward and go back to a normal situation. The virus and pandemic is affecting things a lot, the increase of cases is growing in a scary way. This is what my main concern is. Things have changed – almost a year ago we were stopping because we didn’t know what was happening. It was something we hadn’t experienced. There were a lot of doubts. After the restart everyone made a big effort. There were protocols, meetings, things exchanged, we were sure no matter what we were playing because we only needed 14 players.

"Now things have changed and we are starting to think about stopping again. If you have a crisis the strong will survive – what about the rest? My personal view, when I have an awareness of what’s going around, you will not find the same model we have now."

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