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Josh Warrington anticipating 'explosive' clash with Mauricio Lara

Josh Warrington expects an "explosive fight" with Mauricio Lara.

The British boxer takes on Lara in a featherweight bout tonight (13.02.21) and admits he is wary of his opponent's knockout record, but expects to deliver a knockout blow in the first half of the contest.

Warrington said: "He's got a better knockout ratio than I have.

"But can he do the 12 rounds as well as I can? Has he got as much experience?

"I don't think he can. But that's up to me to expose that.

"He's got punch power but, if I'm not there to be hit, he'll be hitting thin air.

"It won't go past six rounds. I strongly believe that. The way I've been hitting with 16oz gloves on?

"When I then put the 8oz gloves on and see the gaps in his defence, I expect an early night."

The fighter admits that he has enough experience of going the distance in fights should Lara be able to withstand the early demands.

Warrington added: "But I'm experienced over 12 rounds. I've done marathons. I can do it at a good pace."

The Leeds-born boxer revealed that he has been treating Lara "like a monster" as he knows a defeat could be damaging for his career prospects.

Warrington said: "This guy is a real puncher.

"He will bring it but I wouldn't want it any other way.

"He will bring it, which will tune me up nicely for the fights down the line.

"Make no mistake, I'm treating him like a monster because I can't afford a slip-up."

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