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Jurgen Klopp slams Champions League changes

Jurgen Klopp has blasted plans to revamp the Champions League format.

The Liverpool manager hailed the failure of the European Super League but is unhappy with changes to Europe's elite competition, which will see 36 teams qualify and an increase in group stage matches.

Klopp said: "The most positive thing [about the ESL] is that it didn’t happen! But it’s not over yet, and I don’t mean the Super League.

"Everybody knows my view on more games. You cannot just introduce more games and more competitions. Yes, the Super League is off the table. Good. Very good. Great. But the new Champions League is not ‘Oh great, let’s do that!’

"They showed it to me, they called me and I had one hour with UEFA to see the whole idea, and I said ‘I don’t like it’. There are 10 games instead of six, and I have no idea where we shall put them in."

Klopp is irritated that both players and coaches are neglected when it comes to planning ways to change the football calendar.

The German coach said: "The only people who never get asked are the coaches, the players and the supporters. I know the supporters think we get paid a lot of money, but we are already on the edge, and all the coaches think the same, believe me. If we all think the same then there could be something in it, that it’s a little bit too much!

"UEFA didn’t ask us, the Super League inventors didn’t ask us, nobody asks us. It’s just ‘Play more games’ and as we said before, that’s not possible in this structure. You cannot have 20 teams in the league, two cup competitions, 10 European games before Christmas. We don’t get asked, we just have to deliver."

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