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Mike Tyson wants Mayweather to box smaller rivals

Mike Tyson says Floyd Mayweather made a mistake by fighting Logan Paul as the social media star was a lot bigger.

Iron Mike was a keen observer as Mayweather returned to boxing against Paul on Sunday (06.06.21) but felt the legendary fighter should have fought somebody his own size.

Tyson, who made his own boxing comeback last year, said: "I think Floyd should keep on trying. I don’t think he should fight a f***ing cruiserweight. I think he should continue fighting guys his own weight. What the f*** is he doing? Fight Pacquiao again or something, keep in shape.

"Now that I think about it, he should have had Paul lose a lot of weight. I was surprised [he didn't do that]. A smart fighter would have made him suffer, made him starve. It was harder than Floyd anticipated, I believe."

Tyson feels that Mayweather is capable of making a return to the ring but urged him to pick a more evenly matched opponent.

He told Zab Judah: "Was he boxing a cruiserweight? How did he train for this? With experience? I believe when [Logan] was hitting him, he was hurting him a little bit because he’s not a 160-pound guy. [Logan is] a 190-pounder. I think that’s a heavyweight. 190-pounds to me is a heavyweight. I think [Mayweather] can learn from this one, fight guys more in his own category as far as weight is concerned.

"I think he’d make more money if he fought Pacquiao again. Floyd didn't make the guy chase him. You make the big guy chase you. He needs to fight a guy at more of his weight division, 155-pounds or 160-pounds."

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