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Frank Warren won't pressure Tyson Fury into retirement decision

Frank Warren insists that Tyson Fury is under no pressure to make a decision about his boxing future.

The Gypsy King has vowed to retire after beating Dillian Whyte last month and his promoter will not force him into a decision.

Warren said: “Is he going to fight again? Who knows? There is only one person who is going to make that decision and that will be him.

“Me, personally, I would not say to him ‘You need to fight’ because I would never go there with him. If someone’s not got it in their heart to fight, then they shouldn’t be in the ring because it’s the most-dangerous sport you can get involved in and you can get hurt."

Warren did suggest that he wouldn't want Fury to retire now before deciding to make a comeback a few years down the line.

The promoter said: “What I wouldn’t like him to do is retire now and then come back because he’s not reached his peak. He has no mileage on the clock and he’s only had two fights in two years.

“I look at him and I think that in two or three years later, he isn’t going to be at his peak. So, fight at your best, whatever you do, do it when you’re at your best.”

“I can’t tell him what to do, all I can do is give him the benefit of my advice. Whatever he decides to do will be for the benefit of himself and his family.

“Whatever he’s going to do, he’s going to do. I can’t tell him what he should do because he’s too intelligent for me to try and influence. He’s a very smart person, a very clever man.”

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