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Anthony Joshua can beat Tyson Fury, says Malik Scott

Malik Scott believes Anthony Joshua has the ability to beat Tyson Fury.

The former World Champion and Fury, 34, are currently negotiating a proposed fight in Cardiff, Wales, in December, and Scott - who trained Deontay Wilder for his most-recent fight against Fury - thinks Joshua can upset the odds.

Speaking to Fair Betting Sites, Scott said: "I think it's a great time for AJ to take the Fury fight. I still believe AJ is in a mindset that he has something to prove. He wants to get back up on the horse. He wants to go again. And Tyson and him have always wanted to fight each other.

"The big question, is it really going to happen? I mean, nowadays we're just in the place where there is so much business and people are so selfish and everyone wants to be greedy. But what I like the most and what you have to give AJ credit for is he said whatever deal that they're offering, I'll take.

"You have to respect that. Absolutely. He said whatever deal they offer me, I'll take. He believes he can beat Tyson Fury. I believe AJ believes he can beat Tyson Fury."

Scott thinks Fury has some flaws in his armour, and he's suggested that Joshua could take advantage of his weaknesses.

He explained: "If AJ is intelligent enough and is willing to be physical enough, he could throw a monkey wrench in that, if he's willing to attack Tyson Fury's flaws; foundational flaws, hand positioning floors, vulnerable floors - where he takes his opponent for granted. Then AJ could cause some trouble.

"And then it goes back to what do I mean by taking his opponent for granted? Tyson Fury is a very intelligent-arrogant fighter. He pours his arrogance on guys, a lot of times he beats guys mentally.

"If you don't fall for that and you stick with your game plan and you're willing to run through him the right way, not just from an emotional standpoint, but the right way ... then I believe you could give him trouble."

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