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Harry Kane pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth

Harry Kane has described Queen Elizabeth as a "great role model".

The England captain paid his respects to the late monarch in the matchday programme for Tottenham's 6-2 win over Leicester at the weekend ahead of her funeral on Monday (19.09.22).

Kane said: "It’s truly remarkable to represent the country the way that the Queen has for so many years of her life – it’s a true inspiration.

"No matter what job you’re in, she showed that consistency and held an impeccable reputation, so she was a truly great role model for all of us and that’s why we’re so proud that she was our Queen."

Kane revealed that his wife Kate and their children went to Buckingham Palace last week to put down flowers in memory of Britain's longest-serving monarch.

The striker said: "I was here at the club training but Kate took the kids down to Buckingham Palace.

"We thought it was important – they’re young, they don’t understand too much at the moment but when they’re older and they look back and they read about the history of our country, the Queen was an integral part of that, so Kate took the kids down there just to pay their respects.

"They left some flowers outside Buckingham Palace, which was nice. It’s a huge occasion in our history so we thought it would be important for the kids to experience that."

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