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Kevin De Bruyne hits out at criticism of Jack Grealish

Kevin De Bruyne believes that Jack Grealish is unfairly criticised because he is English.

Grealish has come in for criticism after an underwhelming start to the campaign for Manchester City but De Bruyne thinks that England players are treated differently than those from other nations in regards to their off-field activites.

The Belgian playmaker said: “Yes. It is not about football. Outside of football, the focus is more on them [English players].

"I understand because they are English and people tend to look more what is happening. I feel like foreign players, for instance if you have a night out, we don’t really get checked that often.

"Whereas I feel if an English player goes out, it is always in the media somewhere. I think people are taking this on board also.

"What he does in his private life he does, nobody should care, but people do."

Grealish has only scored seven goals since joining City in 2021 but De Bruyne believes observers should focus on his contribution to City's team structure rather than pure numbers.

He said: “We work in a day and age where everyone talks just about goals and assists but there is a lot that goes on in football and we win a lot of games.

“If we win a lot of games, it means everyone is doing a good job otherwise it is not possible.

“He has been struggling with some pain and some injuries this year but he has been looking sharp and playing good for me.

“It comes with being a very good player. If you set certain standards for yourself, everyone is going to measure you to these standards."

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