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Tommy Fury: I’ll slap Jake Paul in the face next fight

Tommy Fury: I’ll slap Jake Paul in the face next fight

Tommy Fury says he will slap Jake Paul in the face at his next fight

The reality star turned boxer, who is also the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is gearing up for his upcoming fight against Paul Bamba on Saturday (12.11.22)

Paul and Fury have had two fights cancelled due to issues at the Brit's end. The first fight was scheduled to take place in December last year, but Fury had to withdraw after suffering from a broken rib and chest infection. The second fight was due to take place in the summer but Fury ran into issues regarding his US visa.

Fury is not concerned with the latest news that Paul will be ringside at his match this weekend and is ready to greet him with a slap.

He told Global Times: “I’m not interested who’s there. There could be a million Jake Paul’s sat ringside, my mindset is laser focused on Paul Bamba and getting him out the way. Then I’ll jump out at ringside and slap him in the face.

“So, I’m not really bothered about Jake Paul or KSI or whoever they’re with, because it’s a load of boys really against a load of men – that’s what it is."

He added: “I’m not interested in all this b******* that people keep saying. I’ve heard it for two years now with Jake Paul this, Jake Paul that. If we’re not in the ring, I don’t give a s***. Think about my life, every single day of my life, ‘When are you fighting Jake?’ I’m not interested. I’ll fight him right now, no problem, because there’s no-one on this stage or anyone in the country who is built like us.

“When you sign to fight us, you’re going to have to kill us. I know it’s early on in my career, but you’re going to see the same characteristics that you see in Tyson in me. You have to knock us dead to the floor for us not to get up and people can laugh and take that whatever way they want, but if you come up against the last name Fury, you’re in for a fight.”

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