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Andy Ruiz Jr confident of beating Deontay Wilder

Andy Ruiz Jr confident of beating Deontay Wilder

Andy Ruiz Jr is confident that he will beat Deontay Wilder.

The two former world champions are expected to fight in the near future and Ruiz believes he is capable of defeating anybody in the ring despite his rival's fearsome reputation.

He told iD Boxing: "I’m really confident. Nobody can really match my style. Once they get inside that ring, I’m like a different person."

Ruiz is not able to match Wilder physically but is convinced that he can make up for his shortcomings.

He said: "I feel the abilities that I have, the power, the quickness, the movement, and me being short is an advantage. It’s harder for the taller guys to fight shorter guys that move around and that are fast. I’m gonna win."

The fighter famously defeated Anthony Joshua to become world champion in 2019 - only to lose the rematch six months later - and revealed that he wants to fight the Brit for a third time before he retires from the sport.

He said: "Before we retire, I would love to fight Anthony Joshua again.

"There has to be that trilogy, especially in the heavyweight division. Me and him, we have unfinished business.

"The rematch with Usyk didn’t go his way, he didn’t get those titles back and he blew off some steam afterward."

"Things happen for a reason. But he’s coming back, I’m going to be here and I would love for me and him to fight again."

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