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Gareth Bale will be fully fit for Wales

Gareth Bale will be fully fit for Wales

Gareth Bale insists he will be 100 per cent fit for Wales at the World Cup.

The Welsh talisman's fitness has been a big concern for the team as they prepare for their first appearance at the tournament in 64 years but he says he will be able to play the full 90 minutes in all three group matches.

Asked if he could play all three games, Bale said: "Yeah, no problem.

"I'm fully fit and ready to go. If I need to play three 90s, I'll play three 90s."

The LAFC player explained that the weeks leading up to the tournament have been tough as Wales internationals feared missing out on the event due to injury.

Bale said: "It's been difficult, mentally more than anything. I guess for everybody, the last three or four weeks, it's been difficult, even hearing stories of players going down and knowing they're going to miss the World Cup."

The Wales captain issued the stance of the FAW to speak out about human rights abuses from the host nation Qatar and Bale is hoping to inspire change for the better.

He said: "Of course, for us as footballers, it's been a difficult subject to talk about. But we can shed a light on the problems that are going on.

"We've spoken to the FAW and they've been speaking to the Welsh government, who've been speaking to Qatar and FIFA, working on these issues.

"For us as players, we're fully behind and support everything we can do.

"As footballers, the most we can do is raise awareness and it's for people higher up to make those decisions, and hopefully make change for the better."

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