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Chris Eubank Jr was desperate to escape father's shadow

Chris Eubank Jr was desperate to escape father's shadow

Chris Eubank Jr feared that he would be trapped in his father's shadow.

The boxer is the son of former world champion Chris Eubank but explained that he wants to be remembered for his own achievements as he prepares to fight Liam Smith tonight (20.01.23).

Eubank Jr told BBC Sport: "When I first started out, I was so hell-bent on proving people wrong, showing that I could fight.

"I knew I needed to stamp my own mark into history, into the boxing world, into life.

"I knew that if I kind of just coasted and did whatever I wanted to do and didn't take anything seriously then that's all I would be. 'Oh that's Chris Eubank's son.'

"That scared me."

Eubank Jr is now an experienced hand in the ring with 34 fights under his belt and he explained how his personality has changed since his career first started.

The fighter said: "At the beginning I found it very difficult to separate the Chris Eubank Jr in the ring to the Chris Eubank Jr in the street. They were the same guy.

"But you've got to understand, you've got to lighten up. People don't really want to be around a guy that is super serious all the time.

"To be honest, I didn't want to be around it. It wasn't fun not being able to laugh and mess around and joke because I wanted to give off this warrior vibe everywhere I went.

"I learned to separate the two guys."

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