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Ricky Hatton praises Jake Paul for boxing approach

Ricky Hatton praises Jake Paul for boxing approach

Ricky Hatton has no problems with Jake Paul's boxing career.

The British fighter returned to the ring last year for an exhibition against Marco Antonio Barrera but does not want a bout against a YouTube star such as Paul - who has divided the sport with his career in the ring.

The social media sensation has been criticised for failing to take on an actual boxer but Hatton can understand the approach.

He told Mega Casino: "I would not fight Jake Paul, he's massive. He's much too big for me.

"I don't think he's particularly good, and I think he's picking his fights very, very carefully, which he's getting a bit of stick for, which I think is a little bit unfair because give him a break, he is actually a YouTuber, not a boxer. You shouldn't expect him to go in there with former world champions right from the get-go."

Hatton thinks Paul should be given the chance to build experience in the ring before being forced into a contest against a true fighter.

He said: "I think Jake Paul's going the right way about it. Don't forget, he's coming out of his comfort zone. He's a YouTuber with a passion for boxing.

"And people saying, 'Well, he should be fighting him, he shouldn't be fighting him.' I disagree, let him get his wings first, let him fight and the minute he feels he's got a bit of experience under his belt and he feels that he can go that extra step then dip his toe in the water that little bit deeper."

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