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Antonio Conte questioning future after tragic losses

Antonio Conte questioning future after tragic losses

Antonio Conte is questioning his future in football management after the deaths of three close friends.

The Tottenham boss confessed that he has been contemplating his future in the sport after the deaths of Spurs fitness coach Gian Piero Ventrone, former Lazio player Sinisa Mihajlovic and ex-Chelsea manager Gianluca Vialli in recent months.

Conte said: "For sure, this season is a difficult season from a personal aspect.

"Because to lose in such a short time three people I knew very well - before Gian Piero Ventrone, then Sinisa and now Gianluca. It was not simple.

"For sure, when this situation happens, it brings you to have important reflections. Because many times we think and we give a lot of importance to our work and we forget the family, we forget that we need to have more time for us.

"This season is a difficult season for me as a personal aspect. For sure, this season is making me have an important reflection on my future."

Conte's Tottenham contract expires at the end of the season and he is still committed to the club despite recent struggles.

The Italian coach said: "When you work and the work is at the top of your mind in your head and maybe, sure, maybe (there are) times we forget to stay with the family, we forget to spend time with friends.

"But this is our passion and for the passion we lost a lot of things. When this situation happens, I think you start to think that maybe sometimes it is also good to give more time to your family and friends and also to yourself. The work is not everything in life.

"You can tell me I could not be a good coach, but about the commitment and what I give the club where I work, no club was unhappy with this."

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