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Twitter challenges millions of bots every week

Twitter challenges millions of bots on a weekly basis.

The micro-blogging app's Chief Technology Officer, Parag Agrawal, has revealed they wade through a vast quantity of fake accounts and suspend them each week.

There are various types of bots, including automated ones and those that have "humans in the loop."

Whilst some are actually run by people trying to hack into accounts.

Agrawal said: "Any attempt to manipulate the conversation actually applies some combination of all four of these potentially to do so."

It's a big challenge for the firm that uses technology to monitor suspicious behavior - as being able to decipher if an account is fake is tricky, as they often don't look counterfeit.

He added: "The most dangerous fake accounts actually don't look fake on the surface."

In 2018, Twitter removed 70 million fake accounts.

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