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Amazon's UK orders could be delivered by Amazon Scout

Amazon's UK deliveries could be made by their self-driving Amazon Scout carts in the future.

The online retailer has developed the small autonomous vehicle which is capable of driving along the pavement and delivering right to the door of customers.

The nifty piece of kit uses a camera and sensor to make sure it doesn't bump into any pedestrians, animals or other obstacles.

At the moment, Amazon Scout is being tested in the US.

But UK-based engineers are collaborating with the firm's Seattle lab to develop the software.

In a statement, Amazon said: "Our investment in this new Amazon Scout team in the UK, which will consist of dozens of engineers, is driven by our partnership with the Cambridge community and made possible by the talented people who live heer."

Earlier this year, Amazon revealed they were testing the Scout out in Washington State.

They wrote in a blog post: "At Amazon, we continually invest in new technologies to benefit customers. We've been hard at work developing a new, fully-electric delivery system - Amazon Scout - designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices. These devices were created by Amazon, are the size of a small cooler, and roll along sidewalks at a walking pace. Starting today, these devices will begin delivering packages to customers in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington."

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