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Tesla wins case against ex-employee

Tesla has won a case against a former employee, who was fired for hacking and transferring data to third parties.

In court documents filed on Thursday (09.17.20), Tesla scored a victory in their case against Martin Tripp, who was employed at their Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

Two years ago, the electronic carmakers alleged Tripp had admitted to producing software to hack into their operating system in order to transfer the company's data to third parties, while also spreading fake news to the press.

The US district court of Nevada sided with Elon Musk's firm, which was handed a motion to seal

"because compelling reasons support them, and they are unopposed."

Meanwhile, in August, Musk confirmed Tesla's Nevada factory was the target of a cyberattack.

Following a report by Teslarati that an employee of the electronic car firm helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) thwart the attack, Musk took to Twitter to confirm it was in fact a "serious" cyberattack.

He wrote above the article: "This was a serious attack."

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