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New Amazon Alexa news coming this week

Amazon Alexa news is coming on Thursday (09.24.20).

The online retailer has announced a virtual Alexa hardware event this week, which is set to take place from 1pm ET.

Amazon's Devices and Services department have simply teased that they are going to be sharing "some news".

The industry event - which is invite-only - could see the announcement of a new Alexa range.

This time last year, Amazon unveiled its flagship Echo Studio speaker and the third generation Amazon Echo.

Meanwhile, Alexa now understands British regional words and phrases.

Amazon's virtual voice assistant can understand users' slang, including northern sayings such as 'aye up' for 'hello' or 'ta-ra' for 'goodbye'.

The update comes after Susie Dent - who is best known for her role as the word guru in Dictionary Corner on TV's 'Countdown' quiz - worked with the team to train Alexa to be able to detect the various ways of saying the same phrase.

Dent said: "Nowhere is the diversity of English vocabulary more apparent than in Britain. Our local languages are constantly evolving and changing.

"It is virtually impossible for people to learn every single phrase and utterance, but with technology getting smarter all the time, perhaps one day assistants like Alexa will understand everything from 'dabberlick' (tall and skinny) to 'crumpsy' (grumpy).

"In the meantime, I'm delighted to teach Alexa some new words and encourage everyone to converse more with each other, and with Alexa, so we can all learn the glorious quirks of British language."

Amazon's Eric King, added: "It has been fun teaching Alexa about the diversity of regional British dialects."

Other words the AI assistant now recognizes include regional names for dinner, a bread roll, sandwiches, mum and dad, and children.

As well as getting Susie's help, Amazon worked with their language experts at its Cambridge Development Center on helping Alexa get to grips with the new regional phrases.

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