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Smart cycling shorts improve performance

A student has invented "smart" cycling shorts to improve the wearer's performance.

The PHD student has worked on Inpulse, a special set of cycling shorts which monitor muscle activity during a bike ride and sends electrical currents to the muscles as of when they need to be stimulated. This is worked out using an AI tool and is sent through to the muscles via wires in the fabric.

Devon Lewis, a PHD student in neuroscience at the University of Southampton, who designed the shorts, told The Times: "We have a limited ability to control our muscles naturally. You can control them more precisely, get more from your muscles and contract them more strongly if you stimulate them directly with electricity. It's sort of the same thing as when you have spicy food and you get that little rush. It feels strange when you first start using [the shorts] but then you adapt to it quite quickly."

Devon got the idea whilst he was studying neuromuscular junctions, which is the chemical connection between a motor neuron and a fibre of muscle. These shorts effectively make these connections without needing a chemical, thus improving performance whilst cycling.

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