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AI using AI scan to detect heart disease

The NHS has started using artificial intelligence to detect signs of heart disease.

The UK's National Health Service is using CaRi-Heart to treat patients at risk of a heart attack years in advance by spotting minor problems which may be undetected by routine scans.

According to Oxford University researchers, the AI could identify inflammation and scarring in the living of blood vessels which supply the heart.

CaRi-Heart is getting rolled out to 15 hospital across the UK, with the NHS hoping to help up to 350,000 patients each year.

Currently, around three in four patients who receive a generic Cat scan after chest paints get the all clear, although one out of every five of those has a heart attack within a decade.

However, researchers using the new tool to analyse the scan results re-categorised one in three of those previously considered "low-risk".

As reported by the BBC, former British Heart Foundation researcher Dr Cheerag Shirodaria - who worked on the project - said: "The beauty of our technology is that it will not only save countless lives but it is incredibly simple.

“CaRi-Heart analysis can be undertaken on any Cat heart scan, hospitals don’t need to change equipment and patients don’t need another test.

"It fits perfectly with a physician’s workflow."

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