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VR tech helps to teach medical students

Surgeons are turning to virtual reality technology to teach medical students.

Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset, south west England, has turned to VR to give students as much of a "real life" and hands on approach to their training, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have had to scale down their studies, particularly in operating theatres.

Alex Young, Virti CEO, said: "Normally it’s very challenging for people to see this in practice because there are only about three or four people in the operating theatre. But with this type of technology, you can immerse 15 to 20 people in one of these environments and really scale how people learn and train ... In healthcare, that’s really interesting, looking at how people can practise in a safe environment, and their communication skills with patients, either breaking bad news, explaining diagnoses."

The new software application is "as realistic as it can be" for students.

Richard Bamford, surgeon and lead for skills and courses at Musgrove Park Hospital, added: "It’s reproducible, it’s reliable, and it’s based on a real-world setting.

"It’s as realistic as it can be. It gives the students a good opportunity to train, particularly in times when training has been affected by different reasons, Covid being one of them."

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