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Apple wants to launch their self-driving car in 2025

Apple wants to launch their self-driving vehicle in 2025.

The tech giant has reportedly completed “much of the core work” on a new processor which will power the secret electric car project that the company has in the works.

The project, known as Titan, is being accelerated by Apple according to a report from Bloomberg, as the tech firm reportedly want to release the vehicle in four years’ time.

Apple’s own silicon team designed the chip, which Bloomberg says is the “most advanced component” that’s been developed for the project so far.

The company is apparently getting ready to put the chip through its real-world paces in its fleet of test vehicles in California and hopes to make a vehicle with “stronger safeguards than what’s available from Tesla and Waymo”.

Apple’s goal for Project Titan is to create an autonomous car that does not have a steering wheel, and pitches for the interior of the vehicle have shown it to be spacious.

News of Apple’s car project comes as the company announced upcoming changes to their device’s CarPlay functionality earlier this year.

iPhone users can currently use CarPlay to control things like music and navigation tools through their car, but Apple are reportedly working on changes to the function that will expand the ways CarPlay can be used.

The project, dubbed ‘IronHeart’, will hopefully allow users to control things like A/C, climate control, speaker settings, seats and armrests, and the speedometer.

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