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Google Play bans payment to Russian apps

Google Play has banned payment to Russian apps.

The app store - which is the staple provider on Android and Google smartphones - explained that after pausing its billing system for Russian users in response to the country's ongoing attack on Ukraine back in March, they will now be implementing a ban on purchasing Russian apps, but free apps will remain.

In a blogpost, Google said: "Due to payment system disruption, Google Play has paused its billing system for users in Russia as of March 10, 2022. This means users cannot purchase apps and games, make subscription payments or conduct any in-app purchases of digital goods using Google Play in Russia. Free apps will remain available on the Play Store.

As part of our compliance efforts, Google Play is blocking the downloading of paid apps and updates to paid apps in Russia starting May 5, 2022."

However, the search engine giant went on to assure users that they will keep them updated as the situation in Ukraine - which saw Russian president Vladimir Putin launch a military invasion on its neighbouing country back in February - develops and changes.

The blog post added: "The situation is rapidly evolving and we encourage you to return to this page for the latest information. Below we have addressed some additional questions developers might have and will continue to keep them updated.

Users in Russia will still be able to download free apps and games from the Google Play store and user can still access apps and games that have already been downloaded or purchased."

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