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SIXT urges Brits to embrace various apps for bank holiday travel

Sixt has advised using various apps to help minimise bank holiday travel misery.

Brits are set to enjoy a four-day weekend because of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and they've now been offered some helpful advice by the car rental company on how to avoid a travel nightmare.

Jamie Holt, the Executive Director Operations for Sixt UK, said: "As well as the things that most of us do - such as checking traffic ahead of our journey and staying up-to-date on road conditions, using a live traffic app like Waze - there are several other things that can help to make your journey as short as possible.

"The time of day that you choose to travel can have a big impact on the length of our journey - try not to travel during the middle of the day when most people will be setting off, instead aim to travel in the very early morning or in the evening.

"Packing plenty of food and drink can also minimise the number of stops that you need to make, ensuring that your journey is as short as it can be."

Jamie advised taking the route less travelled, too.

He explained: "If your navigation app offers you a slightly longer, more scenic route which takes a few minutes longer, take it. You’ll find that most have gone for the quickest route, which means that they will get stuck in traffic with everybody else who decided to do the same thing. Take the scenic route and you will find that you hit less congestion."

Jamie also explained how a car rental could help travellers to avoid "airport chaos".

He said: "If you find yourself stuck, renting a car can give you the option of getting to a different airport, or offer a flight-free alternative altogether."

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