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Spotify launches Safety Advisory Council

Spotify has created a new Safety Advisory Council.

The council - made up of experts and organisations focused on online safety - is tasked with helping the company "evolve its policies and products in a safe way" while still respecting "creator expression".

In a blog post, Spotify said: "Our council members will advise our teams in key areas like policy and safety-feature development as well as guide our approach to equity, impact, and academic research.

"Council members will not make enforcement decisions about specific content or creators.

"However, their feedback will inform how we shape our high-level policies and the internal processes our teams follow to ensure that policies are applied consistently and at scale around the world."

Meanwhile, the music and podcast streaming service noted that while it has turned to "many of these founding members" for feedback in the past, it is now looking to "be more transparent".

The post continued: "While Spotify has been seeking feedback from many of these founding members for years, we’re excited to further expand and be more transparent about our safety partnerships.

"As our product continues to grow and evolve, council membership will grow and evolve along with it.

"In the months ahead, we will work closely with founding members to expand the council, with the goal of broadening regional and linguistic representation as well as adding additional experts in the equity and impact space."

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