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Gen Z prefer to get news from social media, Ofcom reports

Teenagers in the UK prefer to get their news from social media over traditional media outlets, Ofcom has found.

The government-approved regulatory body has found that apps like Instagram and TikTok are more popular sources of the latest news than the likes of Sky News with Gen Z.

Meta-owned app Instagram is used by 29 percent of teenagers aged between 12 and 15, while TikTok and YouTube, are used by 28 percent.

As for adults, a whopping 3.9 million use TikTok compared with 0.8 million two years ago.

The News Consumption in the UK 2021/22 report also revealed that BBC One and BBC Two have placed fifth place, behind Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and rival ITV.

Five years ago, 45 percent of teenagers used BBC channels, and that's now down to just 24 percent.

Yih-Choung Teh, Ofcom’s group director for strategy and research, said: “Teenagers today are increasingly unlikely to pick up a newspaper or tune into TV News, instead preferring to keep up-to-date by scrolling through their social feeds.

“And while youngsters find news on social media to be less reliable, they rate these services more highly for serving up a range of opinions on the day’s topical stories.”

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