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Samsung unveils repair mode to prevent data leakage

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a "repair mode."

The tech giant behind a massive range of smartphones, televisions, and computer devices has announced a new feature which will allow users to hide data - and therefore prevent potential leakage of it - should their device need to be repaired.

In a statement posted to Samsung's website, the company said:" Samsung Electronics has officially unveiled the 'repair mode' service that can prevent the leakage of personal information of Galaxy smartphone users. 'Repair Mode' is a function that allows you to selectively disclose data when repairing a smartphone, and fundamentally blocs concerns about access or leakage of personal information that may occur during the repair process through some private companies.

"If the user executes 'Repair Mode' in the 'Battery and Device Care' menu in the 'Settings' of the smartphone, the smartphone is rebooted. After that, you won't be able to access your personal data, such as photos, messages, and accounts, and only use the default installed apps."

The tech giant went on to assure users that they will be able to access their personal data again following the service and explained that the feature will first be rolled out across its Galaxy S21 series and other devices will follow " sometime "in the future."

The statement added: "After repairing the smartphone, the user can access personal data again after exiting the 'repair mode' and rebooting through pattern/fingerprint recognition.

Samsung Electronics will first introduce 'repair mode' through software updates from the Galaxy S21 series, and plan to expand it to some other models in the future."

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