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People are still booking Ubers in UK despite cost of living crisis

People are still booking Ubers in UK despite cost of living crisis

Uber is still booming despite troubled economy

The new UK boss of the “super app”- which allows users to book not only taxists but train and coach tickets - has reported that bookings are up despite the looming recession and cost of living crisis.

Andrew Brem - who joined the tech giant in April - believes some of the demand comes from people giving up their cars but still needing rides.

He told BBC News: "It is going to be tough for people but I expect demand for movement to be fairly strong."

"I haven't seen a reduction in demand for Uber rides yet,

"I'm seeing quite strong demand.

Andrew remarked how passenger demand was leading to more demand to become drivers and their success was bucking the trend of other tech companies - such as Meta, Lyft and Twitter - and laying people off.

"And the strong demand tends to attract more people to come and drive on the platform.

"We have no plans to lay any anyone off at this moment.

"Things are going fairly well."

The company - which operates more than 85,000 cars in roughly 60 towns and cities in the UK - has not been scandal-free since its launch nearly a decade ago. It faced animosity from the black cab industry, who accused them of undercutting them, and backlash about how it treats its workers, which they deemed as self-employed but a court ruling ordered them to give their drivers employee benefits like minimum wage, sick pay and a pension.

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