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Gears of War is being turned into a card game

Gears of War is being turned into a card game

'Gears of War' is being turned into a card game.

Steamforged Games, the home of board games and role-playing games, has announced 'Gears of War: The Card Game' is coming out in 2023.

The company tweeted: "The rumours are true. Be ready. Gears of War: The Card Game deploys in 2023."

The popular third-person shooter video games series is already getting a Netflix adaptation.

Despite Microsoft not announcing a follow-up to the fifth version of the hit, the streamer is planning to make the series into a live-action feature film and an adult animated series, with “potential for more stories to follow”.

Actor Dave Bautista has indicated his desire to play the role of lead Marcus Fenix, but it is not yet known if he is involved in the Netflix project.

Netflix made the announcement to mark the 16th anniversary of the franchise - which was initially made by Epic Games before it was bought by Microsoft in 2014 - in November.

It said: “Sixteen years after the original Gears of War hit shelves, humanity’s last stand has reached a new frontier: the iconic video game is heading to streaming, with a live-action film adaptation and animated television series both in the works. Get ready for war.

“‘Gears of War’ follows the Delta Squad, a ragtag crew of infantry members locked in mortal combat with the Locust Horde, a monstrous race of genetically altered humans from the underground.

“Led by disgraced sergeant Marcus Fenix, the crew faces off against their enemies on the increasingly hostile planet of Sera.

“The upcoming film and series will be produced in partnership with The Coalition, the developer behind the ‘Gears of War’ games. ‘Gears of War’ joins a formidable slate of upcoming video game adaptations on Netflix, including ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Sonic Prime’, ‘BioShock’ and more. And that’s not even mentioning the many original video games the service offers.

“‘Gears of War’ is coming soon to Netflix. Get your coalition ready.”

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