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TikTok is labeling state affiliated media around the world

TikTok is labeling state affiliated media around the world

TikTok has started labeling state-affiliated media in more than 40 markets.

The social media platform - which launched a pilot run of the programme in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine last year - has rolled the policy out to countries including the US, Canada and much of Europe.

Justin Erlich - TikTok's Global Head of Issue Policy Partnerships, Trust and Safety - said in a statement: "Our state-affiliated media policy is to label accounts run by entities whose editorial output or decision-making process is subject to control or influence by a government.

"Our goal in labelling state-affiliated media is to ensure people have accurate, transparent, and actionable context when they engage with content from media accounts that may present the viewpoint of a government."

The company noted the importance of giving "context" to its users when they are consuming content.

Erlich explained: "At TikTok, we want to equip our community with context and tools to assess content on our platform.

"For instance, labels are added to videos with unsubstantiated content. Blue check marks on accounts help viewers understand an account holder is who they say they are.

"Last year, we began to pilot adding labels on content from state-controlled media, starting in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

"Today we're expanding our global state-affiliated media policy and label to help viewers better understand sources behind content."

While the platform has extensively worked on

"an objective methodology" for labeling accounts, the TikTok team has also developed a system for appealing incorrect decisions.

Erlich continued: "[K]nowing there’s always an element of context required that can lead to occasional errors, we’re also introducing an appeals process for entities who believe they've been incorrectly labeled as state-controlled media.

"To appeal, an entity can submit additional information to indicate safeguards that ensure editorial independence.

"We'll evaluate the provided evidence, seek input from independent authoritative experts, and will remove the label if we find the entity does not meet our state-affiliated media criteria."

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