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Sony launching 'foster parent program' for robot dogs

Sony launching 'foster parent program' for robot dogs

Sony is launching a 'foster parent' program for robot dogs.

The plans are part of a sustainability project which aims to take unwanted ERS-1000 Aibo models - which are a relaunched version of the dogs which became popular in the 1990s - and give them a new lease of life.

According to, Sony will take the dogs in to be tested and repaired before providing them to medical facilities and nursing homes as well as other organisations which could find a use for the emotional support robo pets.

The outlet reports the so-called 'foster parents' will pay an undisclosed fee for the service while some dogs which are donated in poor condition may be used to provide parts to repair other Aibo units.

The robo dogs have sensors which allows them to respond to voice and touch as well we recognise certain people. They are also capable of greeting their owners at the door and do tricks such as standing on its hind legs.

The report suggests they are being considered as emotional support animals to help people who cannot have contact with real animals while the scheme will also cut down on waste as unwanted units will be able to continue on for many years.

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