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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recovering after stroke

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recovering after stroke

Steve Wozniak is in recovery after suffering a minor stroke.

The Apple co-founder has left hospital after having a stroke while at the World Business Forum in Mexico City on Thursday.

The 73-year-old businessman – who helped set up the tech firm with the late Steve Jobs in the 70s – confirmed to ABC News after he collapsed at the conference he was taken for medical treatment at 3pm local time and received confirmation he had endured a small brain trauma.

After helping Apple create their first computer, he left the company in 1985, while maintaining a ceremonial position, and moved on to explore other areas in the technology sector.

Steve – who has become a prominent critical voice amid the ever-growing Artificial Intelligence – recently warned more needed to be done to slow the destruction it could pose to society amid concerns what it means for the job market and copyright claims.

The computing legend, who alongside figures such as Elon Musk added his name to an open letter urging for more action on regulating AI from governments, explained how he thinks that financial interests could be one of the biggest blockades to implementing adequate protections from “bad actors”.

Steve told the BBC in May: "AI is so intelligent it's open to the bad players, the ones that want to trick you about who they are."

"I think the forces that drive for money usually win out, which is sort of sad."

This came after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admitted to shareholders they were planning on being “deliberate and thoughtful” when it came to AI.

The 63-year-old executive said: "We view AI as huge, and we'll continue weaving it in our products on a very thoughtful basis."

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