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Cummins unveil electric truck

Cummins unveil electric truck

Cummins have unveiled their heavy duty electric truck.

The American corporation - which builds alternative engines and generators - have shown off their brand new vehicle, beating rivals Tesla to the punch.

Thomas Linebarger, Cummins Chief Executive, said: "There are more technologies coming into economic relevance than we've seen in my career, ever. This is what we do. We feel we do better when technologies are shifting ... All those competitors we take very seriously. They're innovative, well-funded and have a technology mindset, much like Cummins.

"We know that we cannot have one solution for everybody. We need to make sure we have the right technology for the right application. Even if the electrified power train replaces the internal combustion engine completely, that's still a 20- to 25-year transition period customers have to manage through. If we have good technology, they'll want to buy it from us."

The 18,000-pound vehicle has been called AEOS, named after one of the four-winged horses in Greek mythology. It can travel 100 miles on one charge and there is hope it could be used to deliver beer and food as well as for smaller trips in and around terminals or ports.

Congressman Luke Messer said: "Cummins has always been an innovator. Today serves as the latest example of how this thriving Indiana business is developing cutting-edge technologies that will shape the manufacturing industry for decades to come. It was an honor to join Cummins today and support the thousands of Hoosiers that work for this great Indiana company."

Whilst Rich Freeland, Cummins President and Chief Operating Officer, added: "As a global power leader for the commercial and industrial customers we serve, with an unmatched service and support network, we are better positioned than any other company to win in new and emerging technologies and in new markets.

"We will leverage our deep industry and customer knowledge and our scale advantage to win. Over the past century, our ability to innovate and adapt has fueled our success and we are confident we are on the right path to do it again."

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