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Tinder unveil Feed feature

Tinder is testing a new feature that brings your match's Instagram account to the app.

Most users are guilty of going on a bit of an Instagram stalk of the people they have matched with - and now the dating app has made that even easier by letting you do that straight from within the app.

Tinder's head of product, Brian Norgard, said in a statement: "Feed brings your matches to life by delivering a visual and interactive experience that surfaces fun, insightful elements of profiles - all the while providing more context to spark quality conversations with both new and existing matches."

Under their profile, you will now see updates about their Instagram and Spotify under their profile in date order as long as they have their accounts connected to their profile on the dating app.

Writing in a blog post, they added: "With Feed, we've made it easier than ever to connect with any match - you can send a message specific to any update by double-tapping the content, whether you want to give Leilani a shout-out on her solid Boomerang skills, or let Zoe know the 'Best. Burger. Ever.' pic she just posted is your favorite too, and just happens to be across the street from your office. (Happy hour, anyone?)

"Wondering whatever happened to Carlos, that cool guy you matched with last June? A lot, according to his Instagram posts. He sailed the Greek islands. He won a half marathon. He finally perfected his chocolate soufflé. And based on his new Anthem, he seems to be loving 90s throwbacks. Maybe you have met your match ... Feed is a discovery tool that helps you get to know more about the people you're interested in. It's fun, it's effortless, and it's only between you and the people you've swiped right on."

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