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Litterati app wants to help clean the world

Litterati want to reduce litter around the world with their app.

Jeff Kirschner, who is behind the idea, wants to make the world a cleaner place and is raising money on Kickstarter to develop a more advanced app where people can learn more about the litter in their area.

They wrote: "Litterati is a global community that's crowdsource-cleaning the planet, from students in South Africa to activists in Italy, and neighbors across the US. And we're collecting a ton of data in the process, helping businesses and communities identify the root of the problem and drive change. It's the power of what happens when individuals join forces for a greater good.

"I was hiking through the woods with my 4 year old daughter when she noticed a plastic tub of cat litter lying in a creek. 'Daddeeee, that doesn't go there,' she cried. Then I remembered a lesson I learned as a kid at summer camp. Our camp director would instruct each of us to pick up five pieces of trash. 200 kids x 5 pieces per kid = a cleaner camp. So why not apply that same crowdsourced model to the entire planet? That's when Litterati was born."

Already, Litterati users have managed to pick up over one million items of rubbish.

They added: "With a very simple app, the Litterati community has identified, mapped, and picked up ~1,000,000 pieces. People around the world are requesting more functionality We want to build three new features to help everyone connect, leverage the data, and create even more impact. In-app maps will provide the ability to search, browse, and filter by location or brand, so that anyone can map and measure their impact while understanding more about the litter in their neighbourhood.

"The community has already picked up nearly 1,000,000 pieces and we want to put that data to work. These additional layers of information, like retail locations, trash can placement, even weather and topography, will help us make more informed decisions and take effective action."

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