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France bans mobile phones at schools

A ban has been imposed on mobile phone usage in French schools.

The decision to ban the devices from the classroom has been taken because it was determined that they were distracting students while they were supposed to be studying.

The new law - which also applies to tablets and smart watches - is also designed to help kids make friends more easily and allow them to be more active during their break times.

However, it's been revealed that schools will be given the freedom to decide how the law should be implemented.

Under the recommendations put forward by the government, students are being advised to store their devices in lockers during the school day.

Meanwhile, Samsung - one of the world's biggest mobile phone firms - recently announced it is set to invest around $20 billion in researching emerging technologies.

The company is looking into areas like artificial intelligence over the next three years, with the investment being just a small part of a $161 billion fund going towards component research and capital expenditures.

It's said 40,000 jobs could be created over the period, with 1,000 of those being for AI researchers in Samsung centres across the globe in the UK, Russia, Canada, the US and South Korea.

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