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Amazon's Ring looked into 911 calls activating smart doorbells

Amazon's Ring looked into a tool that would use 911 calls to automatically activate its video doorbell cameras.

According to newly obtained emails from August 2018, the company told a California police department that while it isn't currently working on the feature, the function could still be introduced in the "non-so-distant future.

In an email obtained by CNET through a public records request, Ring's vice president for business development Steve Sebestyen said: "Currently, our cameras record based on motion alerts.

"However, we are working with interested agencies and cities to expand the device owners controls to allow for situations where a CFS [call-for-service] event triggers recording within the proximity of an event."

The system would see a 911 call trigger the cameras near the site of the call, and the police could use the streaming and recording video footage to investigate.

Owners would have to opt in.

A spokesperson for the home security company - which is owned by Amazon - added: "Ring is always looking to innovate on behalf of our customers to make our neighborhoods better, safer places to live.

"However, not all ideas make it to development. Privacy, security and user control will always be paramount when Ring considers applying any new technology to its business."

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