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Instagram introduces Threads

Instagram has introduced a new messaging app called Threads for close friends.

Users of the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook will be able share messages, photos and videos with their nearest and dearest on the companion app.

Threads features a status screen much like MSN Messenger back in the day and there is something called 'Auto Status', which if you are walking, running or on a bike, it will set to 'On The Move'.

However, they have reassured users that their "precise location" will never be shared.

Explaining how it works, Instagram said: "Threads will request your location, movement, battery level and network connection from your phone in order to determine what context to share.

"For example, Auto Status might use your precise location to show your friends that you're " At a cafe."

"Or Auto Status might detect that you're biking and set your status to " On the Move."

"Before this is enabled, you'll be told what information Auto Status is requesting and will be asked to specifically agree.

"Auto Status will not share your precise location with your friends, and when Threads sends location information to our server to look up locations, it's not stored there - this information is only stored on your device for a limited time. It is also deleted if you remove Threads."

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