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Uber Pets launching in US

Uber will now let customers travel with pets without risking a cancelled journey.

The company has added a new category to its list of options - which include UberX, Uber Comfort and UberPool - which will let passengers notify drivers if they'll be travelling with a furry friend.

In a blog post, the ride-hailing firm said: "This new feature lets you communicate to a driver that you'll be bringing a furried (or even scaled!) friend onboard your Uber trip.

"We built this feature to give riders peace of mind."

It means passengers won't run the previous risk of having their ride cancelled, perhaps due to allergies or simply the drivers - who can opt out of the feature - not wanting cat or dog hair in their cars.

The feature has its own fee of between $3 and $5 - the majority of which will be given to the driver - but this won't apply to service animals.

Initially, Uber will be rolling out the category in select US cities - including Austin, Denver, Nashville, Phoenix and Tampa Bay - with the option available from October 16.

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