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Snap CEO Evan Spiegel says Spectacles 3 were a 'turning point' for the business

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel says the fact their AR Spectacles 3 "integrate computing" into the real world is a "turning point".

The lenses let the owner record from two cameras, providing a "depth" and the effects mean that the experience is brought into real life, which Spiegel says is exciting.

He said: "What's really exciting about this version is that, because V3 has depth, we're starting to actually understand the world around you.

"So those augmented reality effects are not just a 2D layer.

"It actually integrates computing into the world around you. And that is where, to me, the real turning point is."

Although he says it will be some time before the spectacles become a mainstream success, the tech boss says it is possible.

He explained to The Verge: "I do think this is the first time that we've brought all the pieces of our business together, and really shown the power of creating these AR experiences in Lens Studio and deploying them through Spectacles.

"And to me, that is the bridge to computing overlaid on the world."

As well as including the capability to take photos rather than just video, and adding the ability to work underwater, they also have prescription options.

Under Snap Inc., Evan and Bobby Murphy, own Snapchat and Bitmoji, as well as the Spectacles.

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