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Facebook's Messenger Kids app's new update gives more control to parents

Facebook's Messenger Kids app now let's parents see who their kids are talking and sending pictures to.

The new updates aims to provide parents and guardians with more control over who their children are speaking to and receiving content from.

Messenger product manager Morgan Brown said: "These updates are part of our ongoing efforts to provide more transparency and help people better understand how our services work.

"Parents will have 90 days to review and accept the new privacy policy and we strongly encourage them to review the updates with their kids."

The new features show the parents exactly who the youngsters are communicating with and for how long, whilst they can also see the photos and videos they are sending and receiving.

And if they don't like what they see, they have the ability to report images and videos.

Messenger Kids first launched back in 2017, and is aimed at under-13s and is controlled via the parents' own Facebook.

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