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London's police chief blasts critics of facial recognition technology

London's police chief has accused critics of facial recognition technology of being "ill-informed".

Dame Cressida Dick has vehemently defended the use of facial recognition technology, revealing that eight criminals have already been caught using facial recognition cameras in the city.

The system works by using a series of cameras to scan people's faces and compare them to a list of suspects.

An independent report has claimed that just 19 percent of the matches were accurate.

But Cressida has now hit back at the critics, saying: "If an algorithm can help identify, in our criminal intelligence systems material, a potential serial rapist or killer ... then I think almost all citizens would want us to use it.

"The only people who benefit from us not using [it] lawfully and proportionately are the criminals, the rapists, the terrorists and all those who want to harm you, your family and friends."

Meanwhile, Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, has questioned the effectiveness of facial recognition technology.

Silkie said: "It is purely magical thinking to suggest facial recognition can solve London's problem with knife crime. The Commissioner is right that the loudest voices in this debate are the critics, it's just that she's not willing to listen to them."

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