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Amazon told to limit delivery service in France

Amazon has been told to limit its delivery service in France to essential goods only.

The online retail firm has been ordered by a court in Nanterre, near Paris, to limit its service to the delivery of food, hygiene and medical products only, thereby giving officials the opportunity to gauge whether or not the company is taking sufficient precautions to protect its staff.

According to the court, the firm had "failed to recognize its obligations regarding the security and health of its workers".

What's more, Amazon has been warned it'll face a fine of €1 million ($1.1 million) per day if it fails to comply with the measures.

Meanwhile, Amazon is one of a number of tech firms that are supporting the NHS' effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Britain.

Three US tech firms - Amazon, Microsoft and Palantir - and the London-based Faculty AI are being used to help forecast where ventilators, hospital beds, and medical staff will be needed during the ongoing health crisis.

A source in one of the tech companies recently said: "Every hospital is going to be thinking: Have we got enough ventilators? Well we need to keep ours because who knows what's going to happen - and that might not be the optimal allocation of ventilators.

"Without a holistic understanding of how many we've got, where they are, who can use them, who is trained, where do we actually have patients who need them most urgently, we risk not making the optimal decisions."

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